3D Paper Letters: Home or Party Decor Cricut Tutorial

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If you’re like me, I love to find creative and inexpensive ways to create decor.  Creating any sort of decorations with paper is a bonus in my books.

Today we’re making gorgeous 3D letters out of cardstock, graphics and rice.  Yes, you heard that correctly, rice!  Which again, super inexpensive.

These 3D letters can be decorated for a birthday party, sweet table, a shelf in a child’s bedroom, the head table at a wedding, an entryway console table, or anywhere you see fit.

Today’s theme is Paw Patrol!  My 3-year-old niece is obsessed (as are many other three-year-olds) and her room is pink.  Our letters today will be based on both concepts.

Let’s get started with our materials list.

3D Letters


List of Materials

    1. Cricut Explore Air 2
    2. Nicapa Cutting Mat 
    3. Fine Point Blade
    4. Scor-Pal Tape
    5.  A Fine Line Liquid Glue
    6. Printer (I use HP Photo Envy 7155)
    7. White Printing Cardstock – 80 lbs.
    8. Pink Cardstock
    9. Pink Glitter Cardstock
    10. Letters from SVGCuts.com
    11.  Paw Print Digital Paper
    12. Dry rice or beans

Upload and Design

The first thing I did was download my 3D letters from SVGcuts.com.


Once downloaded, you will have an SVG file full of all the letters of the alphabet.


Each letter will have more than one SVG file with it.  Be sure to upload each SVG in each letter file.

Next, I created a new project in Cricut Design Space and uploaded all of my images.  


For this project, I needed the letters P, I, E and R.  Insert your images onto your project.


Now, I have all of my SVG cut files loaded onto my project.


Ensure to select each image with cut lines and select “Attach” on the bottom right corner to attach the cut lines to the image.


I then changed the colour of all the bases of my letters to pink.


For the face of my letters, I wanted to have a paw print pattern in an ombre.

Usually, I upload my patterns to Design Space and fill the pattern within the letter.  Unfortunately, I had an issue uploading the patterns, so instead, I printed a sheet of each pattern colour and cut the letter out of each sheet.

I changed the colour of each letter in Design Space to a lighter to darker pink to create a different mat for each letter for cutting.


Next, I wanted to add some Paw Patrol images.  I searched for some PNG images on Google and came across a few I liked.

Then, I uploaded them to Design Space and added them to my project.


To add some texture, I created shadows of the images inInkscape and uploaded them to Design Space as well.

I cut the shadows in a pink glitter cardstock.  I LOVE any excuse to use glitter.

Then, I moved my graphics around to figure out how I wanted to place them.

Here is my final project once I had it exactly the way I wanted it.


Print and Cut

I printed out my sheets of paw prints from light pink to dark pink.  I wanted to create a fun ombre for these letters.

3d letter digital paper


Next, I print and cut my Paw Patrol graphics.


I continued to cut all of my letter elements until I had all of my pieces.

Cuts for 3d letters


Following the advice of SVGcuts.com, I followed the guides on the corner of each SVG cut of the letters by the shapes.

At the end of each piece, you will find shapes (e.g. a circle, a square, 2 squares, 2 triangles, etc.).  Following the SVG Cuts guidelines, you will match each SVG cut to their matching shape in order to connect them with adhesive.

SVG cuts has a fantastic tutorial video for an in-depth guide to putting your 3D letters together.

It takes some time to get the hang of, but if you follow the steps, you should pick it up in no time!


3d paper letters 3d letters | handmade 3D letters


Once the bottom half of each letter is put together, ensure to add dry rice or beans to add some weight to the 3D letter.  I added about 6 tablespoons of rice to each letter.

This will look incredible in any child’s room to add some pretty decorations or even at your next party at the sweet table.

I wonder how long it would take me to do one that says KraftyKardsbyKatelin?  I think I just challenged myself!

Next time, we’re making Paper Tooth Fairy Mailboxes with our Cricut.

See you soon crafters!

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