Everything You Need To Know About the Pop Up Box Card!


Learn all about the Pop Up Box Card and what makes them completely awesome!

Hello fellow Crafters! I am here with my first ever blog post and today we’re talking handmade Pop Up Box Cards.

For a few years, I have dabbled in many variations of papercrafts.  However, I found my passion for these little card boxes of fun!

Nothing is better than watching someone open up a special Handmade Card.

The beauty of the Pop Up Box Card is that they are so versatile and unique. Plus everyone LOVES them!

I’ve had a hard time bringing myself to purchase store-bought cards for years. They began to get repetitive, and let’s face it, not nearly as unique as making your own.



Mermaid Pop Up Box Card | Handmade Birthday Card | Kids Birthday Card

A Little Bit About The Pop Up Box Card

  1. They can be made in various sizes from teeny tiny to extremely large (I’ve even made them into centrepieces).
  2. They can be mailed flat.
  3. They’re bottomless, however, they can stand when taken out of the envelope.
  4. You can add absolutely anything to them that can open up.

I realized how extraordinarily beautiful my handmade cards would be using the Cricut Explore Air 2.  It has made my current process seamless, efficient and effective.

Why Am I Teaching You How To Make Pop Up Box Cards?

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had many crafters reach out to me asking if I offer classes or any sort of tutorials.  However, at that time I was extremely overwhelmed and busy with my card business. That being said, I never had the opportunity to put something together. 

Since taking a long, much-needed break, I decided it was time to give the people what they want!

I am going to be very thorough and share all of my tips and tricks in all of my future blogs.

I will provide you with step by step instructions on how to create my Handmade Pop Up Box Cards using the Circuit Explore Air 2.  It may seem tricky, however, even a beginner can do it!


Cricut Materials | Cricut Explore Air 2 | Materials to Make Cards

Materials I Use For Every Project

List of Materials:

  1. Cricut Explore Air 2
  2. Nicapa Cutting Mat or Cricut Standard Grip Machine Mat
  3. Cricut Fine Point Blade
  4. Scraper and Weeder Tool: Cricut Basic Tool Set
  5. Sookwang Double Sided Tape
  6. Box Card Template from myscrapchick
  7. Printer: (I use HP Photo Envy 7155)
  8. White Printing Cardstock – Accent White 80 lb. or Accent White 65 lb.
  9. Envelope
  10. Cardstock: I get mine at Amazon, Michaels, Scrapbook.com or Staples

Some Of My Tricks Of The Trade

ALWAYS think outside the BOX (no pun intended)!


  • Cricut Design Space membership is definitely worth it! You get an abundance of graphics and SVG’s at your disposal. Tons of their graphics will work wonderfully in many of your cards. 
  • Etsy is pure GOLD for graphics when designing your cards.  Similarly, to see some of my favourite Etsy Shops visit my post Favourite Etsy Graphic Shops
  • Let’s talk tape!  You can use glue dots, tape runners or double-sided tape for your creations.  I personally have tried them all and Sookwang is my favourite.  I’ve never used anymore more strong and durable.
  • ALWAYS use a thick Cardstock for your “Card Base.” Your card will be sturdy and well-made. I recommend 80 lbs. or more. However, I usually use 110 lbs. 
  • Is your Cricut mat losing stickiness? Always try and keep it as clean as possible.  If cleaning doesn’t do the trick, purchase a spray adhesive and do a light coat when necessary.  

The Pop Up Box Card Layout

The below image is the SVG I use for all of my projects.  I purchased this from myscrapchick for just $1.00. It comes with 3 different variations of the Pop Up Box Card.  

Because I’m not really sure what to call some of the elements of this SVG, I use quite a strange terminology for each of the pieces (don’t judge!).  This section will help you understand my terms when going through my various tutorials.

For instance, the actual box itself you will see me refer to as the “Card Base.”  This is your card structure.

Secondly, I refer to the 3 square pieces that wrap around the lower exterior of the box as “exterior panels” and the large rectangular piece that goes on the back interior of the box as the “long interior panel.”

Third, the are 3 smaller, rectangular pieces that are the interior top panels. These open outwards when the card base is open and standing.  I often refer to these as “flaps” or “interior panels.”

Lastly, the 2 long, skinny rectangular pieces with cut lines on each are what will go inside your box to hold your pop-out elements and embellishments.  I regularly refer to these as “inserts.”

This was just the start of our journey together, there is plenty more to dive into!

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What am I missing here? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in!


Godmother Handmade Card - Pop-Up Box

Godmother Proposal  Pop Up Box Card

Unicorn Birthday Card | Handmade Card | Handmade Birthday Card

Unicorn Birthday

Pop Up Box Card

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