As I’ve brought up in the past, when I first started making cards I had no idea what a Cricut machine was.  I did all of my cards by hand with my Cuttlebug, a paper cutter, dies, ink, stamps and many others.   

I started with your basic fold card but wanted something more. 

My new favourite thing was making fancy fold cards, such as the Double Easel Card, Gate Fold, the Z Fold and accordion fold to name a few.  Previously, I used my paper cutter and bone folder tool to create these fancy folds.

Now, I use my Cricut Explore Air 2, which is a game-changer.  I can now very simply create the card using basic shapes and score lines in Cricut Design Space.  No need to create an SVG in Photoshop or Inkscape or even purchase an SVG.  It’s easy, peasy in Design Space.

This week, we will create two fancy fold cards using our Cricut Machines and I will take you through a step-by-step tutorial on the easiest guide to creating these gorgeous creations.


Materials for Double Easel Card


List of Materials

  1. Cricut Explore Air 2
  2. Nicapa Cutting Mat or Cricut Standard Grip Machine Mat
  3. Cricut Fine Point Blade
  4. Scor-Pal Tape
  5. Various paper from Michaels and A Cherry on Top Crafts
  6.  Cricut Fine Point Markers
  7. Cricut Scraper Tool
  8.  Foam Tape
  9.  Acetate Sheets
  10.  Twine
  11.  White Crayola Crayon
  12.   Happy Birthday SVG

Now that we have all of our materials, let’s get crafty!

Step 1 – Design

Since we are not using a pre-made SVG, we’re going to start by creating the base of our card.

First, select shapes on your left toolbar and select the square.

Click on your shape and select the “unlock” button on the bottom left corner of your square.  This allows you to change the height or width of your square. 

Continue these steps until you have all of the following shapes with the below dimensions:

Double easel card dimensions

Next, return to the shapes menu and select “scoreline.”  Once added to your project, change the height to 5.25″ so that it goes within the same height as our 11″ wide rectangle.

Place the scoreline somewhere within your rectangle.  Highlight over both the rectangle and the scoreline and on your top toolbar click “alignment.”  From the drop-down menu, select “center.”

This will center your scoreline in the middle of your rectangle.

Continue this step on your 10.25″ W rectangle using the below scorelines.

Scorelines Double Easel Card


Next, I added one more rectangle at 5.25″ W and 4″ H.  This will be our inside piece to include our sentiment.

I then changed the colours of my card pieces.  The yellow will be a fun birthday patterned paper I picked up at Michaels.


I decided I added to add a bunch of coloured balloons.  I went with these cute ones found in Design Space.


Next, I duplicated the balloons and change all their colours to match my funky birthday pattern.


After that, I used Inkscape to create a Happy Birthday SVG that included my balloons.

I wanted to create layers so that I could attach the balloons and sentiment onto clear acetate so it pops out and looks clean.

Do download my FREE SVG, click here.

I then uploaded my SVG to my Design Space project and added the balloons to the image.

As you can see, we now have a perfect outline of our balloons and sentiment.

Happy Birthday Double Easel Card


Next, I decided to add some stars and confetti found within Design Space. 

I changed the colours to golds and silvers along with the Happy Birthday SVG, which we will cut in different variations of glitter and shimmer paper.


Step 2Sentiment 

Now we want to create our sentiment for the inside of our card.  I decided I didn’t want to use my printer for this project so we would use our Cricut Pens.

Select text from the left toolbar and when selecting a font, filter to find only “writing” fonts.


I went with “Wishing you a very Happy Birthday” for my sentiment and made the colour Gold Metallic.

Ensure to “attach” your font to the rectangle you will be cutting from which would be our 5.25″ W and 4″ H rectangle.

Sentiment for Double Easel Card


Our Double Easel Card project should now look like the below.

Design Space Double Easel Card


Step 3 – Cut

First, let’s select “Make Project.”

We have quite a few mats because we are doing different coloured balloons and stars and confetti.


Continue cutting your project until all mats have been cut.

Step 4 – Create

We now have all of our pieces cut.  Hooray!


The first thing I did was fold along our 3 score lines on the 2 rectangles.

I used my Cricut Scraper Tool to press down on the folds and make a better crease.


Next, I attached my smaller silver rectangle to my larger white rectangle.


Then, I attached my 3 pieces of patterned paper to the front of my double easel card.


Next, I moved onto my Happy Birthday SVG Banner.

I attached all the layers of my Happy Birthday.  Then, I added foam tape to the backing and attached it to our clear acetate.

I love to use foam tape to add some dimension to my projects. 


Instead of using the flimsy pieces attached to the balloons as strings, I cut those off and added twine to make it look more releastic.

I put a piece of tape at the back of my balloons and added 3 small pieces of blue twine to each.

Using a white crayola crayon, I added a little dimension to my balloons.


Then, I used a coral coloured twine to tie a bow around each.

Now, we can attach our lovely Happy Birthday pop out to the easel of our card.

Double Easel Card


The next step is where you have fun!  I started placing my stars and confetti all over the backing of my card.

I also included some sequins to add some more colour and dimension.

Double Easel Card | Handmade Card


Lastly, I added my rectangle with my sentiment to the inside of my card.


I’m so over the moon with how this Double Easel Card turned out.  I LOVE how much colour there is and all the amazing dimension added to it.

Double Easel Fold Card


Later this week, we’re making a beautiful Z Fold Joy Card using Cricut Design Space again.

I can’t wait to make more fancy fold cards with everyone.

Happy Tuesday Crafters!

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