Happy Wednesday Cardmakers!

Today we’re making another fancy fold card.  Today’s is called the Gate-Fold Fold Card and I’m so excited to share my Cricut Design Space Tutorial with you!


To learn how to create our first fancy fold, the Double Easel Card, visit our previous blog post here.

We’re going to create our fancy fold card using basic shapes and score lines in Cricut Design Space.  No need to create an SVG in Photoshop or Inkscape or even purchase an SVG.  It’s easy, peasy in Design Space.

Let’s get started on our fun fold card with today’s theme “Thank You Card.”



List of Materials

  1. Cricut Explore Air 2
  2. Nicapa Cutting Mat or Cricut Standard Grip Machine Mat
  3.  Cutting Blade
  4. Scor-Pal Tape
  5.  Silver Glitter Cardstock
  6. Cricut Scraper Tool
  7.  Cricut Scoring Stylus
  8.   Tombow Liquid Glue
  9.  Grey Cardstock
  10.  White Printing Cardstock
  11.   Patterned Paper

Now that we have all of our materials, let’s get crafty!

Step 1 – Design

First, create a new project in Cricut Design Space.

Next, let’s create the base and panels of our cards using basic shapes in Design Space.

Select the square image in shapes on the left sidebar.

Using the dimensions below (11″ W x 6.5″ H), create the base of your card.

(Ensure to unlock the bottom left corner to change to the specific dimensions.)

Gatefold Size


Align your rectangle to X: 0 and Y: 0

Putting our rectangle in this position will allow us to add our scorelines and put them in the exact position.


Select shapes on your left sidebar and select scoreline.


Change the height to the same height as your card (6.5″).

Duplicate your scoreline.


Align one of your scorelines at X: 2.75 and the second at X: 8.25.


Next, Center Vertically align your scorelines.


Now, we will create the panels for the outside of our gate-fold card.

Select shapes on the right sidebar and select the square.

Unlock the bottom left corner of the square. Change the dimensions to 2.5″ W x 6.25″ H.


Duplicate the panel for the other side of your card.

Next, we will create the inside back panel which will be silver sparkle paper.

Follow the same steps to make a square and change the dimensions to 5.25″ W x 6.25″ H.

Cricut Design Space Gate-Fold Card


Duplicate the back inside square and change the colour to white.

Change the dimensions to 5″ W x 6″ H

This square will be the piece we use to write our Thank You sentiment.


I decided to go with a silver sparkle paper for the 2 outside panels but I also want to layer it.

Therefore, I duplicated one of the panels and changed the dimensions to 2.25″ W x 6″ H. This will be a beautiful printed patterned paper I picked up at Michaels.

Then, duplicate that same panel for the other side of the gate-fold.


Next, we need to create our front closure for the gate-fold.

Select shapes on your left sidebar and select the circle.

Cricut Design Space Gate-Fold Card


Change the size to 3″ in diameter.

Again, duplicate the circle and change to a 2.5″ diameter.


Next, find the Thank You circle in your Cricut images and inset onto your project.

Deisgn Space Images


Align both your created circles together.

Select “Slice” on the bottom left corner.


We now have a cutout of our circle.

This will allow for us to have our circle on one side of the fold and the cut out on the other.

Gate-Fold Card Cricut Project Gate-Fold Cricut Project


Moving on to our sentiment, I selected “Text” on the left sidebar and entered in my personal sentiment.


Play around with the fonts and pick your favourite!


Flatten your text to the white back panel to ensure you can print and cut.

Cricut Design Space Gate-Fold Project


Lastly, select “Make Your Project.”

Print and cut all of your project mats.

Cricut Design Space Gate-Fold Card


Step 2 – Create

We now have all of our cut pieces to create our beautiful Gate-Fold Card.

Gate-Fold Card Panels


Adhere tape or glue to the back of all of your panels.


Attach your silver glitter panels to each side of the gate-fold.

Next, adhere your patterned paper over top of the silver glitter panels.

Create Gate-Fold Card


Now onto the inside, attach the silver glitter inside panel inside of your card.

Adhere your white cardstock piece with your sentiment over top of the silver glitter inside panel.


Using your liquid glue, attach your glitter Thank You to your circle.


Attach your Thank You circle to the left panel so that it is centred and only the left portion is attached to your gate-fold.

Gate-Fold Card


Align your silver sparkle circle cut-out on the right-side panel.

Adhere only the right half of the cutout-circle to the gate-fold.


Finally, we have a finished product.

The ever so beautiful Gate-Fold Card!

Gate-Fold Card


Look how lovely that is!  I absolutely love making fancy fold cards.

They are so unique and really make the recipient feel appreciated.

Gate-Fold Card

Gate-Fold Card


Making different types of folded cards is definitely one of my favourites to do.

If I can figure out a way to make something out of a paper that you wouldn’t normally do, I’ll try it!

That being said, next time we will make something new out of paper that you wouldn’t normally think you could.

Stay tuned crafters, and have a Happy Wednesday!

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