First Edition Pop Up Box Card Tutorial


How to make a handmade pop-up box card

Hello, fellow Crafters!  Today we’re making Handmade Pop Up Box Cards.

We’re diving right in with a start-to-finish guide on how to create these magnificent, little paper creations. Don’t get me wrong, these are not the easiest craft, but with my step-by-step guide, it will not be quite as hard as you think!

For an introduction to the Pop Up Box Card and my tips and tricks, visit my previous blog post An In-Depth Guide to the Pop Up Box Card before starting this project.

Materials Needed

Here is everything I am starting with to put my pop-up box card together:

Materials used for handmade card pop-up

List of Materials:

  1. Cricut Explore Air 2
  2. Nicapa Cutting Mat or Cricut Standard Grip Machine Mat
  3. Cricut Fine Point Blade
  4. Scraper and Weeder Tool from the Cricut Basic Tool Set
  5. Sookwang Double Sided Tape
  6. Box Card Template from myscrapchick
  7. Printer (I use HP Photo Envy 7155)
  8. Cardstock 
  9. White Printing Cardstock – 80 lbs.
  10. Envelope



In light of circumstances across the globe, I decided to make a card for someone I love that I am unable to see.  I wanted to show them how much I’m thinking of them and miss them during this unprecedented time.

I’m keeping it simple. However, making it BEAUTIFUL… with our first ever tutorial and using graphics and SVG’s all found within Cricut Design Space

Step 1 – Start with your base

1. First, download the SVG cut for the Pop-Up Box Card (it’s only $1.00!) The file will save in your Downloads under MSC-BoxCardA2.

Look for SVG file in downloads


2. Secondly, Open Cricut Design Space

3. Select “New Project” in the top right corner of your screen.

Open cricut design space and create new project for your handmade card - pop-up box card


4. Next, we’re going to click “Upload” on the left sidebar.

Upload base of handmade card - pop-up box


5. Select “Upload Image” then “Browse” and find your SVG Pop Up Box Card. Insert both A2RndCornr1 and A2RndCornr2.

Select box images in design space


6. Now select “Save” in the bottom right corner.

7. Select both uploaded images and click “Insert Image” in the bottom right corner.

Insert images into design space


8. We’re going to change the colour of our box card using the colour option in the top toolbar.

Find the Box SVG – A2RndCornr1 on the right sidebar and select it.  Select the font colour dropdown on the top toolbar and change it to white.

Change base colour of card box to white


9. Select the second SVG – A2RndCornr2 consisting of the panels for the interior and exterior of the card box and click “Ungroup” on the right side.

Ungroup second image



If the cut lines are not attached to your card base and two inserts (see the below image and the SVG’s that have cut lines on them) before sending the project to cut, your card box will not have any folds. 

Drag your cursor from just above the top left corner over the Box SVG – A2RndCornr2 and select “Attach” on the right side.

Attach cut lines to image


11. Repeat that step with your two inserts that also contain cut lines. Change these two inserts to the colour to white on the font colour dropdown.

12. As you can see, when I design my card boxes, I have a design or colours on all of the exterior panels of my card box. 

These next steps, I always let my creative juices flow

Should I do a texture with some glitter? Perhaps a coloured background?  Based on the colours of the graphics, I want to make my card VERY colourful. 

I’ve decided to do a different colour on each exterior panel.  Change each of the exterior panels and the long interior panel to different colours each. I chose red, purple, green and blue to make my card stand out. 

Also, change all the interior panels (flaps) to white.

Change colours of exterior panels and attach cut lines on inserts


Step 2 – Insert Graphics

1. First, select “Images” on the left sidebar.

Select images in Design Space


2. Secondly, search “Sending you an air hug,” then select that image.

Select images needed for top flaps of project


3. Next, search “Standing together while 6 feet apart,” then select that image.

Select images for top flaps of project


4. Again, search “Miles apart close at heart,” then select that image. 

Once all three images have been selected, click “Insert Images” on the bottom right corner.

Select images for top flaps of project


Step 3 – Colours

I wasn’t a massive fan of the black font in “Sending you an air hug.” Therefore, I decided to change the colours to match “Standing together while 6 feet apart.”

1. First, select the text “Sending” on the right sidebar and change the colour to the same red as “Standing together while 6 feet apart.”

insert images into design and change colours to match handmade card


2. Continue with selecting “you” on the right sidebar and change the colour to the same yellow as “Standing together while 6 feet apart.”

3. Now select “an” on the right panel and change the colour to the same green as “Standing together while 6 feet apart.”

4. Select “air” on the right sidebar and change the colour to the same blue as “Standing together while 6 feet apart.”

5. Finally, Select “hug” on the right sidebar and change the colour to the same purple as “Standing together while 6 feet apart.” 

It should look like this when completed:

completed colour change of graphics


Step 4 – Sentiments & Personalization

The interior panels (flaps) are where I like to put my greeting or personalized message to the recipient. 

1. Flip all the interior panels vertically to make them easier to work with (when they are flipped, it is facing the way they will be when attached to the card box).


2. Secondly, drag all 3 of our images onto each of the three interior panels (flaps) and resize them to fit, then center.

change the size of graphics to fit flaps of handmade card - pop-up box


3. Third, I will personalize the card.

Select “Text” on the left sidebar.  A textbox will appear for you to enter what you’d like.

For my card, I will do “Love, Katelin.”

personalize your handmade card pop-up box card


4. Select “Font” on the top toolbar and find the font “Cricut Sans “

5. We’re going to keep the font colour black for this one.

6. Now drag and fit the text to the same interior panel (flap) that has “Miles apart but close at heart” as this will be the front of our Pop Up Box Card.

all graphics on each flap for your handmade card pop-up box


8. Drag your cursor from the top left corner to the bottom right corner over the “Standing together while 6 feet apart” interior panel (flap) and the image together and select “Flatten” in the bottom right corner sidebar.


9. Repeat this step for the other two interior panels (flaps)

*Important: If this step is missed, your images will not print on the interior panels (flaps).

After they are all flattened your project should look like this:

flatten all elements onto your pop-up box handmade card flaps


Step 5 – Pop out elements

As previously mentioned, I want to keep it super simple with the pop-out elements for this card.  In this respect, I will use a bunch of different colours and textures to cut out a variety of sizes of basic heart images found in Cricut Design Space.

1. First, select “Images” on the right sidebar and search “Heart.”

2. Pick about 4 or 5 different style hearts and select “Insert Images” on the bottom right corner.

insert pop out images for your pop-up box handmade card


3. Change the colours to match the exterior panels of your card box.

insert and change colours to match the rest of your handmade card


4. Copy and paste those hearts about 4 or 5 times and resize them. Therefore you have a wide variety of sizes for your box card. Mix up the colours as well!


Your project should now look like this:

your pop-up box card project should now look like this in Design Space


Step 6 – BONUS STEP!

Are you interested in making the exterior of the card look even fancier?  Because I always am!

These next steps are a super fun add-on I like to do with many of my Pop Up Box Cards.

1. Find 1 of the exterior panels and copy it.


2. Select the simulated panel and unlock it in the bottom right corner.

3. Keep the width the same, but in the top toolbar, change the height to 0.5″.

4. Change this colour to grey for visualization purposes (I’m going to cut these out using SILVER SPARKLE PAPER ).


5. Copy this twice, so you have 1 for each of the three exterior panels.

Okay, let’s step back and take a look at all the elements on the project to be sure we are happy with colours, fonts, graphics, sizes, etc.


finalized handmade card - pop-up box card


Let’s Save our project.


Time to Make our Pop Up Box Card!

Print and Cut your handmade card - pop-up box card pieces


Step 7 – Printing and Cutting

1. First, load your printer with a 65 lb.-80 lb. white cardstock.

2. Second, select “Continue” in the bottom right corner.

the top flaps of your handmade card - pop-up box card ready to print


3. Now choose “Send to Printer.”

4. Ensure it is going to the correct printer, leave the “add bleed” option ON as this will create better cuts with your graphics. After that, select “Print.”

5. Set the material on your Cricut Explore Air 2 dial to “Cardstock” while you wait for your page to print.


6. You should now have your graphics page and all seven coloured papers ready to go!

All pages and graphics to cut for handmade card - pop-up box card


7. Adhere your printed graphics page to your cutting mat.

Cutting graphics for handmade card - pop up box card


8. Load your cutting mat onto the Cricut Explore Air 2 and press the flashing load button on your machine.

9. Once loaded, select the flashing “Cricut” symbol on your device.

10. Once complete, press the flashing unload button on your machine.

11. If your mat is new or super sticky, I prefer to flip the mat upside down to peel my pieces to avoid “curling.”

Peeling graphics off cricut mat for pop-up box card


After that, you should have these cut out’s for the top pieces of your card:

cut images for flaps of pop-up box handmade card


13. Adhere your card base colour cardstock onto the mat (mine was the white base).

base of card box for pop-up card


14. Change the dial on your Cricut Explore Air 2 to “Custom” and select a heavier paperweight in Cricut Design Space

I chose “Heavy Watercolor Paper – 140lbs” because I find this cuts my heavy weighted papers best.

use a heavy cardstock for the base of your handmade card - pop-up box card


15. Continue steps 7-11 until you’ve cut all your images.

16. Select “Finish” in Cricut Design Space.


You should have something like this once everything has been cut:

Cut pieces to create handmade card - pop-up box card


Step 8 – Putting it all together

1. Adhere tape or glue to the back of everything except for your heart cut out’s.

taped all sides of pop up handmade card


2. Attach the coloured exterior panels (purple, green, red and silver glitter) to the outside base of the Pop Up Box Card.


3. Attach the interior panels (sentiments and graphics) and the long interior panel (blue) inside the card box.

interior and flaps of pop up box handmade card


4. Crease all the folds (where you see cut lines).

all exterior and interior pieces attached to handmade card


5. Attach the side tab to the other side of the box, creating a closed box.


6. Fold open the interior panels (flaps).

box standing with flaps open handmade card


7. Find your inserts (inside cuts) and attach them inside the box.

inserts added to handmade card pop-up box


8. Add some tape to 3 or 4 hearts and stick to the long interior panel of your card.


9. Now, time to let the design happen and creativeness flow!

Overlap, layer and just have fun with placing your hearts.  Mix the colours around and make your handmade card look beautiful!

Finished Handmade Card Pop-Up Box

Step 9 – Mail with love! 

Put that baby in an envelope and mail it to your loved ones!  Soon we will discuss addressing envelopes with your Cricut Explore Air 2 using the Cricut Fine Point Pen Set.


Stay tuned for many more posts coming featuring LOTS of new Handmade Cards, Invitations and Pop-Up Box Card tutorials and designs.

I love to work with small shops & new brands!

Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating or if you just want to chat.

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