Happy Humpday Crafters!

Today we’re making my famous Unicorn Pop-Up Box Invitations using Cricut Design Space and I couldn’t be any more excited to share these with you.

Unicorn Invitations Banner


These invitations are sure to WOW your guests when they receive these in the mail.  They are full of beautiful pastel colours, sparkly gold glitter and a whole lot of handmade love.

Sure, it’s easy enough to just download your invitations and print them out, but what’s the fun in that?

I believe the invitation sets a precedent for how the overall feel of the party will be.  Who doesn’t want to go to a party where you receive this invitation?

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading our blog A Start-to-Finish Guide on the Pop-Up Box Card for a more in-depth tutorial to creating the Pop-Up Box Card before beginning this project.


Materials used for Unicorn Invitations


List of Materials

  1. Cricut Explore Air 2
  2. Nicapa Cutting Mat or Cricut Standard Grip Machine Mat
  3. Cricut Fine Point Blade
  4. Scor-Pal Tape
  5. Box Card Template from myscrapchick
  6. Printer (I use HP Photo Envy 7155)
  7. White Printing Cardstock – 80 lbs.
  8.  Unicorn Graphics Set from Snapdragonandfinn
  9.  Glitter Gold Paper
  10.  Pale Pink 80 lb. Cardstock
  11.  Lavender 60 lb. Cardstock
  12.   A2 Envelopes

Now that we have all of our materials, let’s get crafty!

Step 1 – Download and Upload Images

I started with my box card SVG purchased from myscrapchick for only $1.00!

For this project, we’re using the A2RndCornr1 and A2RndCornr2 in the folder marked SVG after download.

Next, I downloaded my Unicorn Clipart on Etsy and uploaded them to Cricut Design Space.

Step 2 – Design

Once all of my images were uploaded, I changed all the colours.

The base of my invitation and the inserts will be Pale Pink, the exterior panels and interior back panel will be Lavender, the exterior strips along the bottom will be Glitter Gold and my interior panels (flaps) will be white for our invitation details.


Next, I duplicated my back interior panel and made it white.  

I decided I wanted to add my cloud and star image to the backing.  I flattened the image to my back interior panel.


Next, I wanted to incorporate the age of the birthday girl.  

Using text tool on the left sidebar, I created the word “five” and flattened it to my back interior panel.


For the next step, I started to include all of my invitation details.

Our first interior panel (flap) will include the birthday girl’s name and age. 

Using the text tool in the left sidebar, I typed out all of the information and changed the colours to match our colour concept.

I continued with my other two interior panels (flaps) by incorporating the date, time and location on the left and the RSVP information on the right.

Once I was happy with the font, colours and overall layout, I flattened each of text elements to each of the interior panels.


Next, I duplicated the flowers a few times to add some more elements to our invitations.

Finally, we are ready to print and cut our Unicorn Invitations!

Unicorn Invitation | Cricut Design Space


Step 3 – Print and Cut

Once you select “Make Project,” you will be brought to the print and cut screen.

You will see you are now ready to print one Unicorn Invitation.  For this tutorial, I am going to do three unicorn invitations but of course, you will change it based on how many you need.

On the top left-hand corner, change your project copies to three.

All of our invitation pop-up box elements will now triplicate. 

Continue by printing and cutting all of your mats.

We now have all the elements we need to make three gorgeous Unicorn Pop-Up Box Invitations.

Unicorn Invitation Elements


Step 4 – Create 

First, I adhered tape to my invitation base closure tabs and interior and exterior panels.


Next, I put together my boxes and included the exterior panels, exterior panel strips and back interior panels.


I then began adding my interior panels with our invitation details to the invitation card base.


Next, I added my unicorns to the inserts of my card box.

Now, we add the beautiful rainbow images!


Finally, I started adding the flowers to where I thought they would fit nicely and look lovely.

Unicorn Invitation


These are my absolute favourite invitations to make.  Unicorns have become such a major trend and so many littles absolutely love them!

Unicorn Invitation | Pop-Up Box Invitation


These invitations fit perfectly into A2 sized envelopes

For an extra special added touch, use your Cricut pens to address your envelopes!

Guests will sure be swooning over these amazing Unicorn Invitations.

Unicorn Invitation


Next time on the blog, we’re continuing our Unicorn party trend and we will be creating Unicorn Party Decor!

Craftiness is Happiness on this wonderful Wednesday!

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