Happy FRI-YAY Crafters!

Today we’re making some awesome Unicorn Party Decor to go with the invitations we made a couple of weeks ago using Cricut Design Space.

Unicorn Party Decor Banner


If you haven’t already, check out my recent blog Unicorn Pop Up Box Invitations to make the matching invites to go with all the unicorn party decor we’re making today.

Today we’re going to make thank you tags, cupcake toppers and food tent labels for the ultimate UNICORN PARTY!  I used graphics and colours we already used in our invitations to make the perfect matching decor.


Materials for Unicorn Party Decor


List of Materials

  1. Cricut Explore Air 2
  2. Nicapa Cutting Mat or Cricut Standard Grip Machine Mat
  3. Cricut Fine Point Blade
  4. Scor-Pal Tape
  5.  Foam Tape
  6. Printer (I use HP Photo Envy 7155)
  7. White Printing Cardstock – 80 lbs.
  8.  Unicorn Graphics Set from Snapdragonandfinn
  9.  Glitter Gold Paper
  10.  Pale Pink 80 lb. Cardstock
  11.   Pink Glitter Cardstock
  12.  Lavender 60 lb. Cardstock
  13.   Clear Plastic Picks
  14.   Ribbon

Now that we have all of our materials, let’s get crafty!

Step 1 – Food Tents

We are going to start with a super easy and fun Food Tent labels.

First, select the shapes option on the left toolbar and select the square.

Unlock the square on the left-hand side and change the dimensions to 3.75″ W x 4″ H.

Change the colour to pink for the base of our tent.

Next, go to shapes once again and select the scoreline.

Change the size of the scoreline to 4″ W.

On the top toolbar, select align and center the scoreline within the base of the food tent.

Attach the scoreline to your square.


Returning to the shapes menu again, select the square.  This will be where we put the names of the food options on the food tent.

Select the unlock button on the bottom left corner of the square. 

Change the dimensions to 3.5″ W x 1.75″ H.  Change the colour to white.


Next, go to images and find your rainbow that we used for the Unicorn Invitations.

To download the graphics, click here.

Insert the rainbow onto your project.


We’re now going to duplicate each set.  Do this for as many food labels as you need.


Next, select the Text option on the left toolbar.

Do this for each food item with your favourite font and purple colour.

Flatten each set of text to their white square to ensure it prints and cuts.

Unicorn Food Tent Labels | Unicorn Party Decor


Print and cut all of your mats.

Unicorn Food Labels Print


Step 2 – Thank you Tags

Moving on to our Unicorn Party Decor Thank You Tags.  Create a new project.

Select images on the left toolbar.  Search for the tag labelled below and insert it into your project.

I decided to go with a round tag so I could use the beautiful circular graphic image from our Unicorn Set.


Next, find the below round image from our Unicorn Graphic Set.

Adjust to fit nicely within your Thank You Tag.


Now we can enter in our text.  Select the text option on the left toolbar.

Use your favourite fonts and matching colours!


Flatten your text and graphics to the tag.

Unicorn Thank You Tags | Unicorn Party Decor


Lastly, change the size to 2.5″ W and 2.945″ H.


Select, Make Project.

Change the number of project copies to how many tags you will need. Today we will do 6!

Print and cut all of your tags.


Step 3 – Cupcake Toppers

First, go to images from the left toolbar and find Doily Circle #M470D9.

Insert this into your project.  This will be the base of our cupcake toppers.


Next, select the Doily Circle and select the Contour on the bottom left corner.

Select the circle to hide.  This is important so we do not create the cut out in the middle.  We want the base to be flat.

Change the colour to pink (we’re going to do glitter!!).


Next, select shapes on the left toolbar and create another circle.  Change this colour to white.

Ensure the size of the circle fits nicely on top of the Doily Circle so you can still have the pretty edges.

After this, find our gorgeous circle image from the Unicorn Set that we used for our Thank You Tags and insert onto the project.

Adjust the size to fit within our white circle.


For our first topper, we will put Happy Birthday with the name of who the party is for.

Use your favourite font and purple colour.


We will then duplicate the white circle and circle graphic (without the text) to make another topper.

For this one, we will incorporate the age of who the party is for.


For the last cupcake topper, duplicate the white circle and circle graphic (without the text) and insert the unicorn from our Unicorn Graphic Set found in your images from our Unicorn Invitations.


Flatten all the graphics to their rightful circle except for the “3”. 

This will be a cut image that we will cut in gold glitter!


Duplicate your doily circles so each set has a pink backing.

Change the width to 2.5″.

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers | Unicorn party Decor


Lastly, select “Make Project.”  To make 12 cupcake toppers, change the project copies to 4 so we will have 4 of each of our 3 cupcake toppers.

Print and cut all your mats.


Step 4 – Create

We now have all 3 of our Unicorn Party Decor projects printed and cut.

Unicorn Party Decor


Starting with our food tent labels, fold along the scoreline of each pink square base.

Using your bone folder or cricut scraper, press along the line to make a nice crease.

Adhere the food labels to the front of the tent.


Using foam tape, attach to the back of your rainbows to add some dimension to our food tents.


Attach your rainbows to the top left corner of your food labels.

Easy peasy, we are now done our Food Tents!

Unicorn Food Tent Labels


Moving on to our thank you tags which are even easier!  

I used a nice thin lavender ribbon and cut each one about 9 inches.

I then looped them through the top of the tag.  They are now ready to attach to goodie bags, thank you bags, anything you desire!

Unicorn Thank You Tags


Lastly, our cupcake toppers!

Attach foam tape to the back of all of our printed circles.


Adhere all of your printed circles to the pink glitter base.

Attach your cut out 3’s to the appropriate blank printed circle.

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers


See the beautiful dimension we have now because of our foam tape.


Next, using our clear picks.  Use a hot glue gun to attach 1 to the back of each cupcake topper.

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers | Unicorn party Decor


Wow, how amazing all of our Unicorn Party Decor turned out!

I love how super easy these projects are and how wonderfully they match with our Unicorn Invitations.

Unicorn Party Decorations


You can also make a Cake Topper, Centerpieces, Banners, anything with this gorgeous Unicorn Graphic Set we have been using.

The possibilities are endless!

Unicorn party


I just love making party decor, especially a whole set of matching items.  I’d love to see everyone else’s sets of matching party decor.

Next time, let’s do another fun-fold greeting card to mix things up a bit!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full of LOTS of crafting!


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