Happy Wednesday Cardmakers!

Today we’re making another fancy fold card.  Today’s is called the Gate-Fold Fold Card and I’m so excited to share my Cricut Design Space Tutorial with you!


To learn how to create our first fancy fold, the Double Easel Card, visit our previous blog post here.

We’re going to create our fancy fold card using basic shapes and score lines in Cricut Design Space.  No need to create an SVG in Photoshop or Inkscape or even purchase an SVG.  It’s easy, peasy in Design Space.

Let’s get started on our fun fold card with today’s theme “Thank You Card.”

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3D Paper Letters: Home or Party Decor Cricut Tutorial

3d letters banner

If you’re like me, I love to find creative and inexpensive ways to create decor.  Creating any sort of decorations with paper is a bonus in my books.

Today we’re making gorgeous 3D letters out of cardstock, graphics and rice.  Yes, you heard that correctly, rice!  Which again, super inexpensive.

These 3D letters can be decorated for a birthday party, sweet table, a shelf in a child’s bedroom, the head table at a wedding, an entryway console table, or anywhere you see fit.

Today’s theme is Paw Patrol!  My 3-year-old niece is obsessed (as are many other three-year-olds) and her room is pink.  Our letters today will be based on both concepts.

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Create An Encouraging Environment for your Child with our Positive Affirmation Box

Banner for Positive Affirmation Box


It’s no secret that the current global pandemic is scary, especially for children. Each day, we watch and listen to confusing advice from politicians, public health experts, the media, and our friends and family.

Daily routines of children are disrupted, family vacations and school have been cancelled, and all so suddenly, they can no longer hug their grandparents or play with their friends. For many of them, their parents are now working from home, and everyone is worried about the future. How do we even begin to talk to children and reassure them when we are still trying to understand ourselves?

Although I do not have children of my own, I see how it has affected my nieces, nephews and all children in my life. It’s tough. None of them can quite make sense of it, and to be frank, neither can many of us.  


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