Cricut Tutorial: Handmade Pop-Up Box Wedding Place Cards

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How to make a handmade pop-up box Place Card

Hello, fellow Crafters! Today we’re making Handmade Pop-Up Box Place Cards for MY wedding.  Yes, that’s right, we’re getting a little more personal today doing a tutorial for my wedding place cards.

I’m thinking many of you may find me a little crazy for wanting to do this. Fortunately, with the wedding having to be postponed due to COVID-19, I have much more time to spend the time on these.

This is, indeed, quite a timely project I am doing, but I just couldn’t resist.  They came out stunning, and its the perfect way to incorporate all the information necessary for our place cards.

For an introduction to the Pop Up Box Card and my tips and tricks, visit my previous blog post An In-Depth Guide to the Pop Up Box Card before starting this project.

I also recommend checking out my Beginners Guide Pop Up Box Card Tutorial.  This will equip you with the right tools to start this project.

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