How to Use Digital Stamps with your Cricut machine

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Happy Monday Crafters!

To be honest, when I first started making cards I had no idea what a Cricut machine was.  I did all of my cards by hand with my Cuttlebug, dies, stamps, ink,  Copic markers and patterned paper.   

I patiently waited for the next Lawn Fawn or Avery Elle release because they always came out with very exciting new sets.  The other issue I had with this is how difficult it is to get your hands on anything in Canada.  There are a few suppliers here but again, nothing local.

One thing I know for sure, the Cricut machine is a game-changer.  I do not miss getting ink all over myself or images not stamping correctly.  I don’t miss cutting every piece by hand with a handheld crank.  The one thing I do happen to miss? Colouring!

I love to colour, I’m not the best at it nor do I have a huge selection of Copic’s, but I do love to do it. 

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A Simple Guide to Quickly Adding A Gift Card and Money Envelope to Your Pop Up Box Card

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I feel as though I can hear what many of you are thinking when watching my tutorials, “The cards are great, but I like to add money or gift cards to my greeting cards, so this won’t work for me.”

Well, before you completely write off these beautiful creations, I have the solution!

I quickly learned when starting out that this would be a huge problem, especially for wedding goers who like to include monetary gifts.  Although I already jam pack lots of pop-out elements into my cards, I found the perfect spot for this tiny little pocket.

The gift card and money envelope found their home at the back of my card base.  It doesn’t take away from the overall design but still gives it a great spot.

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Create An Encouraging Environment for your Child with our Positive Affirmation Box

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It’s no secret that the current global pandemic is scary, especially for children. Each day, we watch and listen to confusing advice from politicians, public health experts, the media, and our friends and family.

Daily routines of children are disrupted, family vacations and school have been cancelled, and all so suddenly, they can no longer hug their grandparents or play with their friends. For many of them, their parents are now working from home, and everyone is worried about the future. How do we even begin to talk to children and reassure them when we are still trying to understand ourselves?

Although I do not have children of my own, I see how it has affected my nieces, nephews and all children in my life. It’s tough. None of them can quite make sense of it, and to be frank, neither can many of us.  


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Father’s Day Edition: Pop Up Box Card Tutorial

How to make a Pop-Up Box Card with a matching Gift Tag for Father’s Day

Today we’re making another fun Handmade Card: The Pop-Up Box Card with a matching Gift Tag! But, this time we’re making one for Father’s Day!

Seeing as it is right around the corner, this is the perfect time to make a fun card for my own Father using my Cricut Explore Air 2.

I decided I would do a theme based around one of my father’s favourite cartoons (he’s a big kid at heart).  I purchased the White Dog & Friends Digital Clipart from DoodlinkStudio.

What I love about this graphic purchase is that it also comes with 4 different digital paper designs that you can use as part of your card box design! 

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First Edition Pop Up Box Card Tutorial


How to make a handmade pop-up box card

Hello, fellow Crafters!  Today we’re making Handmade Pop Up Box Cards.

We’re diving right in with a start-to-finish guide on how to create these magnificent, little paper creations. Don’t get me wrong, these are not the easiest craft, but with my step-by-step guide, it will not be quite as hard as you think!

For an introduction to the Pop Up Box Card and my tips and tricks, visit my previous blog post An In-Depth Guide to the Pop Up Box Card before starting this project.

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Everything You Need To Know About the Pop Up Box Card!


Learn all about the Pop Up Box Card and what makes them completely awesome!

Hello fellow Crafters! I am here with my first ever blog post and today we’re talking handmade Pop Up Box Cards.

For a few years, I have dabbled in many variations of papercrafts.  However, I found my passion for these little card boxes of fun!

Nothing is better than watching someone open up a special Handmade Card.

The beauty of the Pop Up Box Card is that they are so versatile and unique. Plus everyone LOVES them!

I’ve had a hard time bringing myself to purchase store-bought cards for years. They began to get repetitive, and let’s face it, not nearly as unique as making your own.